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Integration and management of on-site and cloud based IT systems


Cloud Computing's Sunny 2014 Forecast

by Sara Angeles, Business News Daily Staff Writer February 01, 2014


"Cloud computing has evolved into a powerful business tool for both big name corporations and small businesses alike. One of the glaring trends in cloud computing is the downward trend in prices, making cloud computing more affordable than ever for small businesses. Security is a major factor when choosing a cloud vendor or deciding whether or not to move into the cloud."


Cloud Computing Expands Small Businesses' Horizons
















Exchange and Office 365

Amazon, SalesForce, SkyDrive, Goggle Docs

ERP, CRM, Learning Management Systems


There is a need for careful evaluation including design, selection, security and performance to pick the right cloud provider for your organization. Understanding the integration of your organization's onsite and cloud services is very important.


We help with the design, implementation and maintenance of these complex IT systems. Contact us to discuss a solution for your organization.

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